Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

This highly effective facial is one of the most innovative and sought after means to achieve younger looking, healthy skin. The diamond tip treatment is based on the combination of the suction power and the process of exfoliating the skin. The increase in the suction power increases the intensity of the microdermabrasion process and allows treatment of more intense skin problems like old stretch marks, prominent aging signs or deeper acne scars. Besides, as the suction power can be regulated, higher suction power can be used on the body skin as it is less sensitive than facial skin.


On top of that, the microdermabrasion suction also stimulates blood flow to the skin and cleanses the skin pores. Besides, the increased blood flow also stimulates collagen production and improves skin’s elasticity. As such, the skin’s complexion is instantly revived with a healthy glow and younger skin.


Rachel also offers peels of different strengths, and can determine whether or not these peels are suitable for your skin type.


Also being offered is an anti-aging treatments. These will be discussed during your consultation with Rachel.